About The One Dollar Plugin

Who's behind it, and why did we make it?

Our Story and Why

One Dollar Plugin is brought to you by the same team behind iControlWP, Shield, and WorpDrive.

We built iControlWP to be an accessible platform for professionals and developers to streamline their WordPress management workflow.

Along the way, however, we discovered that there were many obstacles to building a WordPress site that workflow management alone could not resolve.

One of these was plugin quality. The WordPress.org plugin repository is huge, and the quality, reliability and longevity of the plugins there is varied, to say the least.

How can you reliably build a professional site upon plugins when you don’t know if they’ll be there tomorrow, patched when there’s a security issue, or if it’ll be compatible with WordPress as it grows.

You can’t.

Take WordPress security as an example. The only option for semi-reliable security extensions used to be to pay for them. And, not only that, every other update brought disaster down upon us with the white screen of death. You can’t run production sites like that.

Shield Security (known as the WordPress Simple Firewall back in those days) was born.

This plugin set us upon the journey of designing and building high performance, and highly reliable WordPress plugin code.

What if we took our experience with iControlWP and Shield Security and applied it to other problem areas. We’ve learned a lot in the past 5 years, and we know you can benefit from our experience.

To do this, we needed a distribution platform that went beyond WordPress.org. Just like you, we need to support our staff that develop the code and support you along the way.

But, that same platform had to be accessible to everyone. No more bulk pricing where if you buy more, you pay less. How about everyone pays less from the get-go?

That platform is the One Dollar Plugin.

Shield Pro is our 1st major release and we’re excited to have you join us as we built your new portfolio of premium, high-quality, and reliable WordPress plugins.

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