Payment Security and Refunds

100% committed to your security and satisfaction

Payment & Card Security

Entrusting payment details to any organisation in 2019 is an important decision.

We don’t expect you to take this decision lightly.

And we’ll be honest, we’re not suited to handle your credit card details.

So we don’t. Ever.

Instead we entrust all payment details with our 2 payment providers:

Both of these are long-established payment processors. All your payment details are sent directly to them and handled only by them – we never see any of it. They just send us a unique code that we can use inside our systems manage payments.

If you have disputes with a payment, they have great processes in-place to protect customers, so you can rest assured that you’re protected.

Refund Policy

Refunds are a natural part of doing business. So we understand that sometimes you buy something and it’s not quite what you expected.

With One Dollar Plugin you’ll always have the right to request a refund and to-date we’ve never refused – even when it was asked 6 months after the fact!

Our refunds are usually processed within 24hrs of the request. We’re not interested in keeping your money if you don’t want to keep our products.

We want you to be happy with your purchase and if you’re not, we don’t want you leaving us with any resentment – it’s not good for either of us.

Life is just too short for bad karma.