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The Plugin & Theme Guard For WordPress

Keeping your WordPress sites secure is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. 100% protection against intrusion is impossible. We can do our best to stop it, but we must be ready to deal with any intrusions once they occur. Shield Security already has several scanners that detect and repair alterations to your WordPress filesystem….

WP Shield Security – Release 6.3

Shield Security v6.3 for WordPress released 12th February, 2018. This release has been primarily focused on Shield’s User Interface (UI). It’s been years since the plugin’s user interface has received any serious focus, so it was time to bring it up-to-date. New UI For Shield The learn a bit more about the new Shield UI, please…

Shield Security To Drop Support For PHP 5.2 (and 5.3)

The issue that WordPress stills maintains support for PHP 5.2 burns hotly in the minds of many developers. It’s not a decision based on what’s best for the code, but on what’s best for reputation and maintaining the WordPress userbase. What’s the big deal about all this PHP version stuff? Who really cares? A lot…

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