Security Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Shield Security never stops.

Working tirelessly, it'll keep your WordPress sites safe from malicious attack and hacks.

Best of all, it's Easy To Setup (simply activate it!)

Get Shield if you're tired of being let-down, you're getting alerts constantly, and you need security that doesn't require a PhD.

Install and Forget.

Shield Security works hard in the background to keep your WordPress site safe against the most malicious attacks.

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Super easy to set up and manage with our walk-through wizards.

Powerful security doesn’t have to be complicated/difficult. Shield makes security easy.

Guided Walk-Through Wizards to help with easy setup/configuration and scans.

Beautiful, Easy-To-Use Guided Wizards – help you configure Shield and run scans like a Pro.

And you can dig deeper, any time you’re ready.

There’s no good reason for WordPress security plugins to be so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Shield is the easiest security plugin to setup – you simply activate it. Then a beautiful, step-by-step wizard will walk you through the basic configuration.

Complete protection with no hassle or interruptions.

No constant/incessant email alerts that scare you every time someone pushes defenses.

Shield works quietly in the background and only alerts you when something need your attention.

If an issue is detected we’ll let you know and be right alongside you to resolve it.

Receiving constant alerts from your security plugins isn’t “security”. It’s just noise. By the time you receive a notification and respond to it, it’s already too late.

Security you can trust.

Many security plugins lock you out, and let you down.

With 80,000+ installs and class leading 5 star reviews you can rest assured Shield you’re not going to be the 1st person to install Shield and love it.

Thousands of site admins rely on Shield every single minute of the day to do what it says – Protect their WordPress sites from the ever-present threat of attack and intrusion.

Packed full of powerful features...

All-In-One “Insights” Dashboard

Make Better Decisions When You See Your Entire Site Security From A Higher Level

Fully Automatic IP Blocking

Are You Still Manually Blocking IP Addresses?! You’ll Use Smarter, Automatic IP Blocking Technology

Brute Force Login Protection

Stop Automated Bots Dead When You Protect Your WordPress Login

Protect Users Login With 2-Factor Auth

Verify Every Login With Super-Smooth 2-Factor Authentication (via Email, Google Auth, and Yubikey)

Fully Auto WP File Scanning + Repair

Scan All Your WordPress Files And Even Fix Problems Completely Automatically

Restrict Security Plugin Access

Not Only Protects Your Site, But Also Your Security Plugin From Unauthorised Access

Immediately Blocks Malicious Requests

Protection Through High-Grade Firewall That Stands Between Your Site and All Web Requests

Eliminates 100% Automated SPAM

Never Deal With Automated Bot SPAM Ever Again

Log And Review Site Activity

Detailed Audit Trail Helps You Monitor/Review All Activity

Help Protect Visitors Browsing Your Sites

Ensure Your Site Sends Secure HTTP Headers For Visitors

Block Anonymous Rest API and XML-RPC

Completely Disable Anonymous Site Access via Rest API and XML-RPC


Protect Against Automated Comments, Logins, Registrations In A Way Your Users Know

User Sessions Control

Complete Control Over User-Login Sharing and Idle User Sessions

Bad Password Detection

Prevent Users And Admins From Using Passwords Known To Be Compromised

Automatic Updates Control

Protect Your Site With Automated Updates When You Can’t Do It Yourself

Don't just take our word for it...

Easy to use and broad in scope – currently the best solution for WordPress Security.

After trialing all sorts of security plugins I got fed up of all the extra bloat and bulk that was added to the database, Shield does a very good job of working silently in the background without annoying notifications and emails.

As a developer and a website builder of over 200 websites, I’ve tested several security plugins, and I’m happy to say that I truly found the one – a powerful security solution and yet, so simple to configure and manage.

Shield Never Rests, So That You Can.

Grab The Highest Rated Security Plugin For WordPress Today

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