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All Our Plugins Have These Great Features


Our #1 goal is to produce and distribute our plugins so that they’re affordable for absolutely everyone. There is no “bulk-pricing”, just great prices no matter how many sites you look after.

Easy-Peasy Updates

Updates for premium plugins should never be a pain. Our plugins can be automatically updated, or manually through WordPress just like any other.

Security First

We’ve built one of the most popular WordPress Security plugins available. All our plugins are developed upon the principle of security first.

Helpful Support

We have a great reputation for supporting our plugins and services and we’re bringing this┬áprinciple of “the extra-mile” support to all our plugins.

Code You Can Trust

Reliability is critical and we thoroughly test and vet all our code. Bugs are natural, of course, and we’re committed to actively respond and fix bugs when they’re found.

Here For The Long Term

We love what we do, and we’re here to stay. We’ve been working with WordPress for nearly a decade and you can trust that your investment with us is a safe one.

Check Out Our First $1 Plugin

We've just launched and we've got more plugins on the way. Check out popular WordPress plugin for powerful security protection