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Ask Paulie Anything – Episode 1

This is an introductory video to Ask Paulie Anything were we touch on the EU GDPR and also a little bit of background on Paulie himself, where he started, and where he’s going with the One Dollar Plugin. [Ask Paulie Anything, Episode 1]

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WP Shield Security – Release 6.6

Shield Security v6.6 for WordPress released 19th March, 2018. This release for Shield Security sees 2 massive additions, as well as some overall improvements and a few bug fixes Password Policies For All WordPress Users Making sure your site is as secure as it can be is a huge undertaking. And while you can do…

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GDPR and the Need for WordPress Password Policies

There’s no escaping the simple fact that “passwords”, as a means of verification, are here to stay. In the majority of cases, they’re the sole means of account verification. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: use strong passwords! But “strong” isn’t enough. Here are some recommendations, which I’m sure you’ve…

WP Shield Security – Release 6.4

Shield Security v6.4 for WordPress released 26th February, 2018. This release sees the introduction of one of our most exciting features for a long while. This new feature delivers protection against direct hacking and modifications of plugins and themes. How plugins and themes can get hacked 100% Prevention of intrusion by outsiders is impossible. It…

Our Evolving Position On Shield Security Free Features

We launched the Shield Security plugin over 5 years ago. One of our guiding principles was that we would deliver a solid, stable and reliable Security plugin for everyone. And by everyone, we meant that we’d keep all security-related features free, whenever we went down the Pro route. And until now, we’ve done this wherever possible. The…

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