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WP Shield Security – Release 6.6

Shield Security v6.6 for WordPress released 19th March, 2018. This release for Shield Security sees 2 massive additions, as well as some overall improvements and a few bug fixes Password Policies For All WordPress Users Making sure your site is as secure as it can be is a huge undertaking. And while you can do…

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GDPR and the Need for WordPress Password Policies

There’s no escaping the simple fact that “passwords”, as a means of verification, are here to stay. In the majority of cases, they’re the sole means of account verification. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: use strong passwords! But “strong” isn’t enough. Here are some recommendations, which I’m sure you’ve…

WP Shield Security – Release 6.4

Shield Security v6.4 for WordPress released 26th February, 2018. This release sees the introduction of one of our most exciting features for a long while. This new feature delivers protection against direct hacking and modifications of plugins and themes. How plugins and themes can get hacked 100% Prevention of intrusion by outsiders is impossible. It…

Our Evolving Position On Shield Security Free Features

We launched the Shield Security plugin over 5 years ago. One of our guiding principles was that we would deliver a solid, stable and reliable Security plugin for everyone. And by everyone, we meant that we’d keep all security-related features free, whenever we went down the Pro route. And until now, we’ve done this wherever possible. The…

The Plugin & Theme Guard For WordPress

Keeping your WordPress sites secure is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. 100% protection against intrusion is impossible. We can do our best to stop it, but we must be ready to deal with any intrusions once they occur. Shield Security already has several scanners that detect and repair alterations to your WordPress filesystem….

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