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Shield Pro: Bot Signal

The Bot Signals That Help You Track And Block Bad Bots

In an earlier article we wrote about 1 particular technique to tempt a bot in order to know that it’s a bad bot. This approach is elaborate, but it works. Every bot has their own particular character, based on their desired end result. The MouseTrap solution helps us target one particular type of bot, but…

Mouse Trap for Bad Bots (Shield Security Pro)

Creating a Mouse Trap to Capture Bad Bots

Figuring out which traffic is legitimate and which isn’t, can be tricky. If a (ro)bot script is written well, and often they are, they appear to be just like any other normal visitor. The challenge that we’re presented with is being able to spot the bad bots and isolate their traffic from the “good” traffic…

Shield Security Pro Logo

The New Shield Security 7.0

Shield Security v7.0 was released 28th January, 2019. We’ve been hard at work the past few months building the new Shield Security v7.0. As with any big project, it took on a life of its own and took longer than we’d hoped, but the result lays a new foundation for future plans and developments. What…

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